The Bard's song (In the forest)

The Bard's song (In the forest)

Year of Release: 2003
Serial No.: 7 24354 71640 9
1. Recorded, produced, mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind for S.C. Services S.L. at the Twilight Hall Studios in February/March 2003
2.-4. Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind for S.C. Services S.L.

Video production by Matthias Knezy-Bohm

The Bard's Song (In The Forest) is written by Kursch/Olbrich
Published by Warner/Chappel & Musik-Edition Discoton

Strings arranged by Matthias Wiesner
Strings recorded at Capellmeister Studios by Martin Meyer & Pat Benzner
Strings played by Stefan Pintev & Boris Match

Programming by Pat Benzner

Frontcover by Leo Hao
Artwork design by Nikolay "Dr.Venom" Simkin, Dennis "Sir" Kostroman
Photo by Axel Jusseit

(p) & (c) 2003 Virgin Music

Track List
1. Bard Song - New Studio Recording (3:30)
2. Bard Song - Live in Milano (October 10th 2002) (4:32)
3. Bard Song - Live in Munich (May 5th 2002) (4:29)
4. Bard Song - Live in Madrid (June 4th 2002) (4:30)
5. Multimedia Track: Video - Bard Song - Live in Stuttgart (May 6th 2002) (4:18)

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