Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Front cover, 3597x2806x24b (600 dpi, 4 Mb)
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Year of Release: 1995
Serial No.:VICP-15051
Cover painting by Andreas Marschall

Tracks 1,4,5 written by Andre Olbrich and Hansi Kursch, lyrics by Hansi Kursch
Track 2 by Pat Ballard
Track 3 by Blackmore/Coverdale

Produced by Flemming Rasmussen and Blind Guardian
Engineered by Flemming Rasmussen & Piet Sielck
Mixed by Flemming Rasmussen
Assustant engineer: Henrik Vindeby
Drum-technician: Flemming Rasmussen & Cuni

Recorded, mixed and mastered at: Sweet Silence studios, Copenhagen, Denmark

Guest musicians:
  • Mathias Wiesner - effects
  • Jacob Moth - accoustic guitar - (on "A Past and Future Secret")
  • Billy King - backing vocals
  • "Hacky" Hackmann - backing vocals
  • Rolf Kohler - backing vocals
  • Piet Sielck - backing vocals
  • Ronnie Atkins - backing vocals (Ronnie Atkins appears by courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment, Japan)
Manufactured and distributed by Victor Entertainment, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
(P) & (C) 1995 Stereo Jasrac (digital remaster)

This single was released only in Japan, and there was the European version of the single, named "Mr. Sandman"

Track List
1. Bright Eyes (Edit Version) (4:03)
2. Mister Sandman (2:09)
3. Halleluja
4. Imaginations from the Other Side (Extended Demo Version) (7:12)
5. A Past and Future Secret (Extended Demo Version) (3:36)

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