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VET013 Blind Guardian - A Night at the Druzhba/Moscow CD2

24 апреля 2009, 15:41


11. Traveler in time
12. Mordred's song
13. Punishment divine
14. The bard's song - In the forest
15. Imaginations from the other side
16. Lost in the twilight hall
17. Time stands still (at the iron hill)
18. Mirror mirror *

* not recorded


Recorded live 25 May 2002 during the "A Night at the Opera" tour, Universal Sport Hall "Druzhba", Moscow

Produced in Tyumen/Russia by The Forgotten Tales' Keeper (http://vetal.tyumen.ru/bg/)

Thanks to Bard's Train, Nightfall In The Middle Of Russia and, of course, BG

© & (P) 2002 Vetal Strings

Released at my birthday 20th June 2002 on "The Forgotten Tales' Keeper" Blind Guardian fansite.

11. Traveler in time (11.228 Mb)

12. Mordred's song (9.429 Mb)