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Building Midibox SID v3

19 июня 2013, 07:46

I wanted to build SammichSID version but unfortunately, the project was closed. So i decided to build modular version which consists of Core board based on Microchip PIC18F microcontroller, SID board (6581 or 8580 - the difference only in chip power supply 12v or 9v), and DINX/DOUTX serial shift register boards which controls LED's and input buttons/encoders. Of course LED display is supported. All boards were soldered in a week. The hardest part was to design and construct Control Panel with all this LEDs and buttons. Also there is a lack of encoders in my city radio shops, so i ordered all i need from an online shop.

Remember that the project is non-commercial and don't allow you to sell your Midibox for profit. You can only sell your little box for the cost of all parts you have bought. If you agree with these terms, go www.ucapps.de and learn what you have to do to start your own Midibox project.

I have instagrammed some stages of building my own box, here they are:

Tags: midibox , synthesis