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When your PLG150-AN is not working with your AN200 host

22 сентября 2014, 23:08

This is true. Not all PLG150-AN cards will work in AN200 host unit. I just have two AN cards, let's say, "old" and "new". Old is equipped with 8Mbit XW715A0 flash ROM (IC2), copyrighted (c) 1999. This card will not work in AN200.

The "new" card don't have IC2, but have IC3 Mask ROM which is copyrighted by (c) 2001 and marked as XZ970A0. This version will work with AN200. The boards visually have only one different mark B on "old" and C on "new", i think it's board revision. AN200 was produced in 2001 and may be there was update of ROM firmware which makes B revision unable to work with host.

As for other PLG-series, i found that PLG150-DX exists in A revision, and older PLG100-DX in A and B revision. PLG150-VL exists in A and B revisions. Since i have seen photo of PLG150-DX A in DX200 unit, i assume that there is no such problem with DX200.

Photo provided. Also you can see big photos of "old" and "new" cards here.

Tags: synthesis , Yamaha