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Building MB6582 Midibox

clean base board

radiator cannibalized from old USSR scheme

first instagrams

w/o TRS

Pactec PT-10 case just arrived

power section almost unstarted (2200uf capacitors added to stabilize)

7809 regulator used to convert 12v to 9v

just some creative views

just some creative views

just some creative views

W/O PICs and SIDs

10K trimpots and custom resistor networks seen

View from top

Almost done

DIY resistor network

Front panel after cleaning

Front panel step 1

Front panel step 2

Front panel step 3

Front panel step 4

Front panel step 5

Front panel step 6

Front panel step 7

Front panel step 8

Front panel done!

Rear panel TRS and cooler holes done

Rear panel mini DIN (MIDI in/out) and DIN7 for power DC in

Fitting panel into case

fitting panel with encoders

© by Victor Sergeev
Use of this photo(s) without author permission is forbidden // Использование фото без разрешения автора запрещено

EQ: Olympus E-3 4/3 (was: Olympus E-330); Zuiko ED 35mm 3.5
M42: MC Helios 44M-6 58mm/2, TK2-M teleconverter
M42: Jupiter-37A 135mm/3.5, Jupiter 21M 4/200mm, MC Rubinar 500mm/8