i formulate infinity and store it deep inside of me

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Zuiko ED 4-5.6/40-150mm

a4/f114mm, zuiko ed 40-150

a5.2/f114, zuiko ed 40-150

a5.6/f150, zuiko ed 40-150

a7.1/f73, zuiko ed 40-150

© by Victor Sergeev
Use of this photo(s) without author permission is forbidden // Использование фото без разрешения автора запрещено

EQ: Olympus E-3 4/3 (was: Olympus E-330); Zuiko ED 35mm 3.5
M42: MC Helios 44M-6 58mm/2, TK2-M teleconverter
M42: Jupiter-37A 135mm/3.5, Jupiter 21M 4/200mm, MC Rubinar 500mm/8