Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
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Year of Release: 1998
CD Catalog No.: 7 24389 49202 6

"Mirror, Mirror" taken from the forthcoming album: NIGHTFALL IN MIDDLE EARTH
"And the story ends (live)" recorded live at Dusseldorf-Philipshalle on Dec. 22nd, 1995
"Imaginations from the other side (live)" recorded live at Dusseldorf-Philipshalle on Dec. 22nd, 1995
"Beyond the realms of death" taken from the sampler - A TRIBUTE TO JUDAS PRIEST-2

Track 1 published by Kursch/Olbrich/Stauch Publishing
Track 2 & 3 published by Warner Chappel / Musik Edition Discothon
Track 4 published by EMI Songs LTD

Produced by Blind Guardian
All songs mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind except Track 4 mixed by Piet Sielck.
All music written by Olbrich/Kursch except Track 4 written by Tipten/Halford/Downing.
Lyrics 1,2,3 written by Kursch
Cover painting by Andreas Marschall

Track List & Lyrics
1. Mirror Mirror (5:07)
2. And the Story Ends (live) (6:47)
3. Imaginations from the Other Side (live) (8:23)
4. Beyond the Realms of Death (7:02)

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