Back in 1986 a Band called Lucifer's Heritage formed. It consisted of four skilled bards. Hansi Kursch who played the bass, Andre Olbrich that played the guitar along with Markus Siepen. Drums were played by Thomas Stauch. This band was obviously influenced by RPG games epic metal and Halloween (especially).

They released two demos: 'Symphonies Of Doom' in 1985 and 'Battalions Of Fear'. The later one was extremely successful. Later on these bards decided to change their bands name to Blind Guardian. They signed a contract with no remorse records in 1988 and released their first album under that label. The title was 'Battalions Of Fear'. The following year they released another one called 'Follow The Blind'. Up to then their music sounded like Halloween. Again in 1990 they released their best album until then, which made their music known to all other kingdoms . 'Tales From The Twilight World' was its name. An album that combines epic and melodic metal with such success,creating a unique style of music. This album opens a new chapter in the Guardian story. The cover painting was by Andreas Marshall a veteran in designing covers for popular German metal groups. In 1991 they signed to virgin records an action which according to many was responsible for the broad success of their next album 'Somewhere Far Beyond'. Recorded in 1992 under Virgin Records.It's by far their best album. It successfully blends epic ballads with metal resolving to a magnificent outcome. After 'Somewhere Far Beyond' there was a little art pause and then, in 1995 they released new album called 'Imaginations From The Other Side'. It was the first album of them that I heard. In 1996, they released 'The Forgotten Tales'. 30 april 1998, 'Nightfall In Middle-Earth' was released. New album was announced to october 2001 but now the date is changed to february 2002. Now it is known the name of upcoming LP - "A night at the opera". 11 november 2001 there was released a new single called "And then there was silence", and date of release was finally changed to 4 march 2002. Following the given words, new LP is available now and hits the charts in different countries. 5 may 2003 "The bard's song" single was released, following future "Live" 2CD that was released at 7 october 2003. In 2004 was released 2DVD "Imaginations Through The Looking Glass" - video from Blind Guardian Open Air. 24 february 2006, single "Fly" was released, following upcoming new album "A Twist in the Myth", that was released at 1st september 2006. And 4 may 2007 is the date for last single "Another stranger me". To be continued...


  Symphonies Of Doom demo (1985)
  Battalions Of Fear demo (1986)
  Battalions Of Fear LP (1988)
  Follow the Blind LP (1989)
  Tales from the Twilight World LP (1990)
  Somewhere Far Beyond LP (1992)
  Tokyo Tales Live LP (1993)
  A Past and Future Secret EP (1995)
  Imaginations from the Other Side LP (1995)
  Bright Eyes EP (1995) released in Japan
  Mister Sandman EP (1996) this is an European version of Bright Eyes EP
  The Forgotten Tales CompLP (1996)
  Mirror Mirror EP (1998)
  Nightfall in Middle-Earth LP (1998)
  And then there was silence EP (2001)
  A Night at the Opera LP (2002)
  The Bard's song EP (2003)
  Live LP (2003)
  Imaginations Through The Looking Glass DVD (2004)
  Fly EP (2006)
  A Twist in the Myth LP (2006)
  Another Stranger Me EP (2007)
  A Voice in the Dark EP (2010)
  At the Edge of Time LP (2010)
  Memories of a Time to come CompLP(2012)
  Twilight of the Gods EP (2014)

Blind Guardian
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