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Yamaha PLG150-DX circuit diagram & board schemes

23 января 2014, 14:46

Also includes pinouts for YMP706-F AWM Tone Generator; and SH7043 RISC CPU (MCU). Taken from DX200 service manual.

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Yamaha PLG150-AN circuit diagram & board schemes

23 января 2014, 14:27

Also includes pinouts for YSS236-F VOP3 processor and H8/3002 RISC CPU (MCU). Taken from AN200 service manual. H8/3002 datasheet also attached.

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Yamaha PLG150-DX owners manual + DX Simulator software

20 ноября 2012, 15:10

Yamaha Advanced DX/TX Plug-in board features the same 6-operator FM tone generation system that powered the famous DX-series synthesizers.

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Yamaha PLG150-AN owners manual + AN expert editor manual

22 мая 2012, 11:56

The PLG150-AN is a custom tone generator designed for use with a variety of Yamaha electronic musical instruments. The PLG150-AN employs Analog Physical Modeling synthesis, for faithful reproduction of analog synthesizer sounds.

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Yamaha PLG100-VH owners manual + VH effect editor manual

22 марта 2012, 09:40

The PLG100-VH lets you add powerful harmony and vocoder effects to your voice by plugging a microphone into the host synthesizer's A/D input. Harmony intervals and vocoder melodies can be recorded in a sequencer track for automated playback - ideal for live performance. Russian owners manual is also available.

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