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Yamaha PLG100-VH owners manual + VH effect editor manual

22 марта 2012, 09:40

The PLG100-VH lets you add powerful harmony and vocoder effects to your voice by plugging a microphone into the host synthesizer's A/D input. Harmony intervals and vocoder melodies can be recorded in a sequencer track for automated playback - ideal for live performance. Russian owners manual is also available.

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Yamaha MU128 upgrade to V2.0

11 декабря 2011, 00:02

The ROM update for MU128 which is compatible with General MIDI Level 2. The update is working only through MIDI interface. Take note that not all USB MIDI interfaces working correctly with this upgrade. I tried 3 times to upgrade via E-MU 2x2 USB MIDI interface, and all tries was finished with fail on final checksum. Correct uprgade was only when i used Creative Audigy 2 internal MIDI interface. I also confirm that Fast Track Ultra MIDI port works perfectly with this update.

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Roland MT-32 MIDI implementation chart

24 августа 2011, 11:34

Tags: MT-32 , Roland

Using the MT-32 multi-timbral sound module

24 августа 2011, 10:24

Tags: MT-32 , Roland

Yamaha TG100 tone generator owners manual + reference manual

22 августа 2011, 20:17

The TG100 has two operating manuals: This Getting Started Manual and a Reference Manual. This Getting started Manual will tell you all the things you need to know to be able to use the TG100 right away. These two manuals are joined in one file.

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Yamaha MU128 tone generator owners manual + Sound list and MIDI data

22 августа 2011, 13:57

The structure of the manual is very straightforward. You can approach it in a linear manner, reading through from beginning to end, or on an “on-demand” basis, going directly to the information you need as you need it.

Tags: MU128 , Yamaha

Yamaha XG format specifications v1.26 + recommendations for producing XG Song Data v2.00

22 августа 2011, 13:40

Tags: XG , Yamaha

Roland MT-32 multi timbre sound module owners manual

22 августа 2011, 13:24

1. Features and use 2. Using MT-32 with Roland software 3. Using MT-32 with original data

Tags: MT-32 , Roland